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Sealants & Adhesives

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A general purpose, contractors grade acetoxy silicone sealant with fungicide, suitable for most sealing jobs around the home. Quick curing and mould resistant. Suitable…
£4.50 inc. VAT
£3.75 ex. VAT
Everflex LMA 200 Contractors Silicone is a contractor’s grade acetoxy cure sealant that adheres to most smooth and non-porous materials. Ideal for aluminium sealing,…
£4.50£5.50 inc. VAT
£3.75 ex. VAT

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PVA Bond is a multi-purpose bonding agent, primer, sealer, cement and plaster admixture that adheres to most common building and DIY materials. Ideal for…
£6.90£11.25 inc. VAT
£5.75 ex. VAT

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EVO-STIK Impact Adhesive Tube is a high strength, multipurpose adhesive that bonds on contact with no need for clamping or support. It has the power…
£4.70 inc. VAT
£3.92 ex. VAT

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Acetoxy silicone sealant that cures to form a flexible, durable weathertight seal on many common building surfaces, including glass, metals, wood and ceramic tiles….
£4.85 inc. VAT
£4.04 ex. VAT

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SikaCeram-140 Rapid Set is a water-resistant tile adhesive, suitable for bonding ceramic and mosaic tiles to floor or walls in both thick and thin…
£17.50 inc. VAT
£14.58 ex. VAT

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TIMCO B3 general purpose fill & fix expanding foam is a high quality polyurethane based expanding foam designed to give excellent thermal and acoustic…
£5.95 inc. VAT
£4.96 ex. VAT

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A solvent free wood adhesive based upon the latest hybrid resin technology. Can be used internally or externally giving a high strength, 100% waterproof,…
£9.46 inc. VAT
£7.88 ex. VAT
502 All Purpose Weatherproof Wood Adhesive is a high quality, resin-based wood adhesive for all wood bonding applications. It can be used internally and…
£6.75£25.00 inc. VAT
£5.63 ex. VAT

11 in stock

TIMCO acetoxy silicone is a general purpose, single component silicone which offers a flexible watertight seal to most surfaces. For sealing around different types…
£4.50£5.50 inc. VAT
£3.75 ex. VAT

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D4 Wood Adhesive is a solvent-free industrial grade D4 wood adhesive based upon the latest hybrid resin technology. Suitable for interior and exterior use…
£16.50 inc. VAT
£13.75 ex. VAT
High bonding strength. Suitable for use on vertical surfaces as it will not drip or slump. It is particularly suited to bonding difficult substrates…
£4.80 inc. VAT
£4.00 ex. VAT
Stick 2 Spray Contact Adhesive is a sprayable glue which bonds to most common materials including wood, concrete, stone, tiles, rubber, foam, metals, rigid…
£6.50 inc. VAT
£5.42 ex. VAT
Instant Nails is a high strength solvent free gap filling multi use adhesive that provides a quick grab and replaces mechanical fixings in many…
£2.99 inc. VAT
£2.49 ex. VAT
Multi-Purpose Putty is specially formulated using only the best grade linseed oil, for glazing single glass into metal, softwood and hardwood window frames….
£5.85 inc. VAT
£4.88 ex. VAT
Pinkgrip will stick just about anything on a building site that needs sticking. Its amazing grabbing strength not only removes the need to pin…
£4.80 inc. VAT
£4.00 ex. VAT