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Tubular steel Bowsaws give equally good cutting performance on dry as well as “Green” (wet) wood and are suitable for gardeners, builders, farmers and…
£12.00 inc. VAT
£10.00 ex. VAT

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These blades fit most junior hacksaws and mini saws. They provide an efficient way to cut metal and plastics….
£3.50 inc. VAT
£2.92 ex. VAT

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The narrow blade of the padsaw makes it ideal for working in awkward and restricted locations, including cutting out letter boxes, keyholes, switch boxes…
£21.00 inc. VAT
£17.50 ex. VAT

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A professional hacksaw with a rectangular section frame to ensure a combination of rigidity and balance. Features include a comfort grip handle, easy blade…
£13.17 inc. VAT
£10.98 ex. VAT

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The IRWIN® Jack® PLUS range provides best-in-class handsaws for today’s trade professional. With advanced tooth technology and an ergonomic ProTouch™ grip, the PLUS range handsaws are number one…
£10.99 inc. VAT
£9.16 ex. VAT

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Roughneck Gorilla Fast Cut Pruning Saw features impulse hardened, triple ground teeth and PTFE low friction coating for exceptional cutting performance. Built upon a…
£22.50 inc. VAT
£18.75 ex. VAT
Excellent value for money, this 300mm hacksaw comes supplied with a traditional junior hacksaw. The hacksaw takes all standard 300mm (12in) blades and features…
£15.00 inc. VAT
£12.50 ex. VAT

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Featuring a high quality powder coated steel frame and fitted with a rounded wooden handle for user comfort. The blade can be positioned at…
£9.95 inc. VAT
£8.29 ex. VAT