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Fence Panels

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Pressure treated Fence Capping. The capping sits on top of the feather-edge and finishes the fence neatly. It is either nailed or screwed in…
£1.90 inc. VAT
£1.58 ex. VAT
EVERBUILDĀ® Creocote is an oil based wood treatment, effective when applied to exterior timbers such as garden sheds, fences and trellis work. The oil…
£23.00 inc. VAT
£19.17 ex. VAT

11 in stock

Classic picket fence with rounded tops, suitable for garden boundaries. 6ft x 3ft 1.8m x 900mm…
£29.50 inc. VAT
£24.58 ex. VAT
Waney lap fence panels formed from waney edge boards which are partially overlapped horizontally. Also known as overlap or larch lap.  …
£20.59£26.99 inc. VAT
£17.16 ex. VAT
Our close board fence panels are made to order, they are made with vertical featheredge which partially overlap….
£18.00£39.00 inc. VAT
£15.00 ex. VAT