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Expanding Foam

8 in stock

TIMCO B3 general purpose fill & fix expanding foam is a high quality polyurethane based expanding foam designed to give excellent thermal and acoustic…
£5.95 inc. VAT
£4.96 ex. VAT

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Solvent based aerosol cleaner for the removal of fresh PU foam stains and for the maintenance of the regular Foam Gun with threaded adaptor….
£4.80 inc. VAT
£4.00 ex. VAT
Hand Held polyurethane expanding foam filler. Gap filling formulation with high 3D expansion. Easy to use, one component. Rapid curing. Excellent thermal and acoustic…
£5.80 inc. VAT
£4.83 ex. VAT
A PU foam applicator gun for use with standard 750ml & 500ml gun grade canisters. Manufactured using high quality components for a professional finish…
£14.17 inc. VAT
£11.81 ex. VAT