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Marking & Measuring

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A solvent free wood adhesive based upon the latest hybrid resin technology. Can be used internally or externally giving a high strength, 100% waterproof,…
£5.50 inc. VAT
£4.58 ex. VAT
Brightly coloured chalk powder refills for use with chalk line reels, in handy nozzle-cap squeezy bottles with easy pouring spout. Suitable for both interior…
£4.46 inc. VAT
£3.72 ex. VAT

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The Faithfull Brick Line Dispenser Reel comes with 100m of strong, hi-vis braided nylon building line. The handle is made from durable polyethylene with…
£8.20 inc. VAT
£6.83 ex. VAT

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The strong die-cast body is shaped for easy handling and is ideal for scaffolders, pipe fitters and steel erectors. A milled base with flush…
£15.00 inc. VAT
£12.50 ex. VAT

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A heavy-duty scoring knife featuring a hardwood handle and brass ferrule. The diamond shaped blade is bevelled on one side only, allowing the flat…
£8.84 inc. VAT
£7.37 ex. VAT
The Faithfull Pencil Marking Set is designed to aid in the marking of hard to reach places such as drilled holes, tight corners and…
£8.14 inc. VAT
£6.78 ex. VAT

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Compact, tough, cast aluminium profile. Slender, trapezoidal profile shape for an optimum, easy grip. Strong rare-earth magnet system for adhesion to metal objects –…
£37.00 inc. VAT
£30.83 ex. VAT

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Includes hooks for using on string Light weight metal body for long life String level…
£4.50 inc. VAT
£3.75 ex. VAT

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A rapid drying marking paint for applying semi-permanent markings to soil, grass, concrete and most hard surfaces. Ideal for a variety of uses including:…
£4.99 inc. VAT
£4.16 ex. VAT
A heavy duty and robust open reel tape measure, constructed from high strength shock resistant plastic and a 50m anti-stretch fibreglass tape with metric…
£29.00 inc. VAT
£24.17 ex. VAT

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A professional chalk line set, featuring a robust and high capacity chalk reel with fast rewinding, 30m high strength line and premium chalk with…
£9.50 inc. VAT
£7.92 ex. VAT

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These large headed line pins are made from forged steel and are protected by zinc plate. They are used in conjunction with builders lines…
£8.99 inc. VAT
£7.49 ex. VAT

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With the exception of some metals and polished or glazed surfaces, almost any material can be marked out with these carpenters pencils. The pencil…
£6.27 inc. VAT
£5.23 ex. VAT
Trade quality tape measure with a locking button, strengthened belt clip, hand strap and a 25mm nylon coated blade to provide a convenient standout…
£6.00£8.00 inc. VAT
£5.00 ex. VAT