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Engineering Tools

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These engineers files feature blades that are slightly tapered in thickness with a half round profile. They are double cut and fitted with a…
£7.16 inc. VAT
£5.97 ex. VAT
This heavy-duty scratch brush is aimed at the professional user and is capable of extended use in difficult environments. Wire gauge is 28, hardened…
£4.50 inc. VAT
£3.75 ex. VAT

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A flat twist knot high tensile steel wire circular brush compatible with 115mm (4 1/2in) angle grinders with a M14 x 2 mount. Twist…
£10.90 inc. VAT
£9.08 ex. VAT

6 in stock

Wire hand-brushes are popular with both industrial and DIY users. They are used for removing rust, corrosion, paint and primer and for generally producing…
£2.32 inc. VAT
£1.93 ex. VAT