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Faithfull 8in Clamping Square Set Black

£14.56 inc. VAT
£12.13 ex. VAT

Faithfull Clamping Squares are an essential aid in the construction of accurate 90 degree frames and joints.

They can be used on both internal and external angles to keep your projects square when clamping and gluing. The 200mm size is ideal for assembling kitchen cabinets, door frames, windows and general joinery work.

Two handed operation – hold the clamping square to the work piece with one hand and use the other hand to attach a spring clamp or any other one handed clamp.

Made from recycled heavy-duty polypropylene plastic for strength and durability.

Size: 200 x 200mm

Section: 35 x 25mm

Supplied as a pack of 4 clamps.

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