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Faithfull Flat Bungee Cord 610mm Green

£4.80 inc. VAT
£4.00 ex. VAT

Bungee cords make tying items down or in bundles easy. Can be used in the home workshop, garage, car, trailer and caravan.

Up to 3 times stronger than standard bungee cords, these flat bungee cords feature super strong steel hooks with a smooth nylon coating to prevent scratching. The heavy-duty polypropylene braid has a high grade rubber cord for maximum elasticity.

Tested according to EK5/AK8 11-01.1:2011.

Length: 610mm (24in)

Max extend: 900mm

Strap size: 17 x 4mm

Permissable load: 60N

Colour: Green

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