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Forgepack Hook and Screw Eye Kit

£8.50 inc. VAT
£7.08 ex. VAT

• Hook Screw Eye Kit 102 Pack.

• Picture hanger with nails, brass plated: 40lb (x2), 50lb (x2).
• S-hooks, zinc plated: 3.0x25mm (x5), 4.3x38mm (x3).
• Hook screws, bent, brass plated: 3.3x40mm (x4), 3.7x55mm (x3).
• Hook screws, bent, zinc plated: 3.7x50mm (x3).
• Hook screws, straight, zinc plated: 3.7x50mm (x4).
• Screw eyes, brass plated: 2.0x75mm (x22), 3.0x30mm (x8), 3.3x40mm (x5).
• Screw eyes, zinc plated: 4.8x50mm (x2).
• Cup Hooks, brass plated: 3.3x38mm (x5).
• Round steel L-type nails, zinc plated: 2.3x30mm (x30).
• Groved steel, L-type nails, hardened: 4.0x50mm (x4).

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