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Roughneck Cutter Mattock with Fibreglass Handle

£39.99 inc. VAT
£33.33 ex. VAT

Built to withstand the toughest jobs, the Roughneck cutter mattock is manufactured from drop forged steel and heat treated for extra toughness. The cutter mattock head combines the functions of a horizontal mattock blade and a vertical axe blade, ideal for cultivating soft ground, breaking up root infested ground and clearing soil around buried structures. Mounted on a solid fibreglass handle, it is not only stronger than conventional wood, but far more durable and requires no maintenance. At 900mm/36″ long, they generate significant striking force and are ideal for heavy work.

  • Solid fibreglass core
  • Soft grip
  • Drop forged
  • Heat treated
  • Powder coated

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