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Techfast Roofing Screw Hex Head

£8.50£12.00 inc. VAT
£7.08 ex. VAT

• Roofing Screws. Steel to Steel (For Light Section Purlins).
• Washered Self-Driller. Steel Sheet to Steel Purlin.
• Head: Hexagon Self-Drilling.
• Finish: ‘Elementech’ coating for superior anti-corrosion – salt spray tested to 1000 hours.
• TechFast screws for light section purlins will fix material to purlins between 1.2mm to 3.6mm.
• The 16mm rubber washer beneath the aluminium flange expands under pressure and forms a permanent weather-seal.
• Designed for fixing cladding and sheet metal to light and heavy structural purlins as used when constructing industrial units.

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